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This summer in particular has a lot of robots coming out and taking over the big screen, but are they cool and hip? Chappie tries to be! Was the movie successful? Not really : /

I saw District 9 and like everyone else I was pretty amazed that a movie could actually pull off making bugs something you’d want to really care about. With that in mind I was stoked to see what a movie about a sentient robot living in Africa would be like because that concept is right up my alley!

It turns out that the Chappie story was a let down. The production value was great, but freaky at the same time. I didn’t really enjoy watching Chappie move around and acting like a person. It was too surreal, especially with the South African backdrop and Die Antwoord ‘trying’ to act like good guys. The ending also made little sense. Well a lot of the movie made no sense which was a huge turn off. I would have been happy to watch 2 hours of Die Antwoord music videos than sit through Chappie and try and make sense of it. The robot looked nice though.