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May I have an Update?

It’s been a while, we've been too busy getting a Lot of systems finalized, and more importantly, making this game actually look like a game, and not just pretty pictures for the world to see. World construction was getting a bit too time consuming for such a small team so we opted to go with voxels, pretty pretty voxels all with the help of a very cool asset called Voxeland.

And Unity 5 finally released officially and that was cool, although it did break some things here and there, but that was to be expected!

As for Secret of Amma, it really feels more like Castlevania than Metroid, and that’s a good thing. When this was first even conceived, a looooooooooooong time ago, the idea was to make a metroidvania that was unlike anything I had ever seen before. Hopefully in the next few months you will feel the same!