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Avengers 2: Age of Ultron

Another robot! So this year is all about robots trying to get a feel for themselves, or something. Like Chappie, Avengers 2 had its own robotic character named Ultron that was on a path to self discovery, except that he was an evil jerk from the start. Design-wise he was pretty damn cool. My guess is that the direction the filmmakers took with Ultron’s look was to blend Iron Man’s sleek aesthetic with how a self aware robot would perceive itself. The end result is that you get this sort of physically similar but totally abstract humanoid which I thought was rad.

The design choices behind Ogun took a similar approach. I wanted to make a character that looked human, but you weren’t really sure if he is a man in a suit or a robot like the aliens he is fighting against. And then seeing Ultron on screen validated my decision because he looks awesome! It was actually nice seeing a huge Hollywood blockbuster going the same route and taking a more human-like design approach with its robotic creation.

As for the movie, it was good, but not like the first Avengers good. There was way too much going on and Ultron, despite being a very interesting character, just couldn’t get enough screen time to make him stand out more.